Alexander is the only Czech new impressionist. He is an exception from traditional painting masters. While everyone is painting on white canvas, he paints on black. Black canvas gives his works special brightness and breathing that cannot be achieved in any other way.

His skill in depicting the slightest change in the state of nature and human mood resonates with gallery owners, collectors, and art lovers in America, Malaysia, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, and his native Ukraine.

A. Onishenko
A. Onishenko
Father's Umberella
A. Onishenko

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In 1989 Alexander started painting on Black Canvas and broke new ground in traditional impressionism. He established a new epoch – New Impressionism. Black Canvas became the background and people’s emotions, reactions and ever-changing play of light made the conversational painting.

He was born in a small Ukrainian city and started painting there, but the worldwide knownness found him in Prague. Prague became his inspiration, his workshop, and the spot where located the one and only art school of painting on black canvas, founded by him.

Today, Alexander is the most successful and in-demand impressionist artist of the Czech Republic, photographer. Moreover, he has an atelier and gallery in the legendary church of Saint John of Nepomuk.

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